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World of Energy Activity Day

Primary School, Years 5 to 6, KS2, Aged 9 to 11 years

A unique learning opportunity, that brings the challenges of sustainable business together with the education goals of the National Curriculum in a single experience

About The Activity Day

Pupils explore ‘Energy’ through food, electricity, business and tourism in a holistic, practical and engaging manner via a series of activities and challenges; many in a context that encourage teamwork and appreciation of moral issues surrounding sustainability:

  • Link food to personal energy usage and electricity;
  • Realise relative energy use of a range of household items;
  • Learn about the pros and cons of different energy sources;
  • Generate electricity using desk top ‘wind farms’;
  • Make jigsaws of foreign countries with key facts;
  • Produce model electric cars and trade them for profit.

Delivering the Activity Day

Energy Appliance Cards
The programme is delivered in classrooms over a school day, by business/professional volunteers who are passionate about showing today’s pupils how they can play a part in creating a sustainable future for all.

Working in Teams

world map
Pupils work in teams and enjoy a day of practical activities organised into 5 sessions that build cumulative knowledge, skills and confidence.

They tackle real world examples from manufacturing, food and entertainment.

Reflection and discussion are key parts of the day ‘to land the learning’.

Map of Brazil Let's Learn Energy

Bucket Quiz

Bucket Quiz

Electric Car Templates

Electric Car Trading Challenge

Potato Clock

Potato Clock

Generator Activity

Generator Activity