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Lets Learn Energy Wind Turbine

Turbines and Generating Electricity

1) Nearly all electricity that comes into your home has been generated by turbines. These are huge machines that use masses of copper wire spinning inside giant magnets to generate electricity.

2) These turbines are powered by fossil fuels such as oil, gas or coal. Another fuel source is nuclear, but best of all for the environment is to use renewable energy such as wind, solar and  hydro (water).

3) Lord Armstrong built the world’s first hydro-electric turbine for his house in Cragside Northumberland, in 1878. Now owned by the National Trust, the turbine is working again!

The World of Energy programme is a 1-day primary school STEM workshop for children in Years 5 or 6.

‘Turbines and Generating Electricity’ is the seventh activity in the day where the children in teams of 5 to 6 build a turbine from a model and generate electricity in model wind farms and hand held dynamos.

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