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Red Currants in a bowl

Freshly picked redcurrants ready for the saucepan


Common name: REDCURRANTS

Botanical name: RIBES RUBRUM

Harvest time: JULY/AUGUST in UK

Health benefits

Blood: high in IRON  helping form red blood cells 

Heart: POTASSIUM helps lower blood pressure

Digestion: good FIBRE for the gut that helps avoid constipation

Immune system: VITAMIN C protects against viruses and harmful bacteria  

Skin: VITAMINS B & C help with skin cell regeneration and repair from UV damage

About this photo

These redcurrants are freshly picked from a London garden in late July. 

They have been grown on peat free soil and have zero food miles, and zero packaging. 

They will be cooked down into redcurrant jelly for use in cooking, deserts and as a side dish at Christmas 🙂 



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