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Weekly Roundup – 12 June 2020

Farm Food Day Puzzle

Let’s go for the puzzle first and admire the artwork of Larnie. Home schooling in Attleborough in Norfolk, and only 7 years old, she’s got the word search completed and pictures coloured in. And her favourite meal is “Roast Chickin”!  I love this and it’s brightened up my week 🙂

Completed Puzzle

Completed Puzzle

Food Waste Infographic

For this week’s topic I was asked to do something on food waste. Not the easiest topic to find data and information on.  But I go got lucky with the Action to Reduce Food Waste report published October 2018 by DEFRA. To save you wading through we’ve put some key points in this infographic.

For me the most shocking part is that households are responsible for 70% of all food waste.

Food-Waste Infographic

Food-Waste Infographic

Education Update

It doesn’t look like schools will be back to normal any time soon due to the current Covid crisis and restrictions. There’s suggestions that they won’t be fully functional even in September. Sadly this has stopped our traditional Let’s Learn Energy workshops in classes for the time being. We are using the time to build exciting new practical experiments and activities with forces, circuits and class room lightning! 

We will not give up on home schooling either! Our weekly free download puzzles and infographics are proving very popular. We design the puzzles specifically for home schooling but thank you to the teachers who have been in contact to tell us how they use both resources in the class room.

Puzzle of the week Infographic of the week

Sustainable News Item of the Week

Without a doubt the ‘feel-good’ news headline of the week for sustainability is Britain goes coal free as renewables edge out fossil fuels

This is the news that at midnight on the 10th June the UK had not used any coal to generate power for 2 full months! Considering that 10 years ago coal was 40% of the power provided this is an amazing turn around in the journey to reduce UK carbon emissions. Gas, nuclear and renewables are the main sources of energy on the grid these days.   BBC story


Thank you for reading and have a good week