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Lets Learn Energy Appliance of Science

Appliance of Science - What Uses the Most Electricity in Your Home

1) For a typical family home of 4 people the appliance that uses the most electricity is the electric cooker. That’s assuming it is on for 50 minutes each day cooking tasty meals for the family 🙂 

2) A kettle can use almost as much electricity as a shower, assuming you boil it 10 times a day, and assuming 4 people each take a 6-minute shower. 

3) Electric tumble dryers use a lot of energy too. Can you think of other ways to dry clothes? 

The World of Energy programme is a 1-day primary school STEM workshop for children in Years 5 or 6.

‘Appliance of Science’ is the ninth activity in the day where children in teams of 5 to 6 sort out the Let’s Learn Energy Appliance of Science cards in order of energy usage, ranking from highest to lowest. 

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